Updates on The House, The Spheres – Book Two

The decision to delay the Release Date for The House has been a long time coming and, while it’s not the outcome I had hoped for, a December release is simply no longer feasible.

2023 turned out to be a challenging year—not surprising seeing that, after more than 24 month, my sabbatical came to an end in February*. It will take some time to re-group and decide the next steps, but I am quietly confident that I am looking at March or April 2024.

The draft is currently in the third revision—you can follow my November Writing Challenge for progress updates—and it has a beginning, a middle, and an end. The cover is in the pixel-pushing state (endless layers of polish), and calls for ARC readers will go out soon—stay tuned if you like an early review copy.

Meanwhile the The Fragments still shine brightly in these brand new editions!

* … it was fun as long as it lasted.

New here? I am New Zealand-based writer, artist and maker Minu Freitag. I have published my first book—The Fragments, an inventive mix of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Dystopian fiction—in 2022 and am currently working on the second book in The Spheres Series—The House—due for release in the first half of 2024.

You can follow my writing adventures on InstagramTiktok, and Goodreads.

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