Orders and Shipping

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Please see our information on International Orders for orders outside of New Zealand and Australia.

Order confirmation

All orders will be confirmed per email within 1 to 3 working days. We reserve the right to cancel an order if we are unable to fulfil it, and you can cancel your order within 24 hours, by contacting us.

Dispatch and Delivery

Orders are dispatched within 3 to 5 working days unless otherwise stated. We ship via NZPost’s tracked economy courier service, and you will receive a dispatch email with a tracking code on the day of the dispatch. We ship at the buyer’s risk and can’t be held responsible if NZPost delivers your purchases late.

Shipping costs

Our shipping costs are flat rates based on your order and location.

New Zealand

ClassPer item*Per additional item*
Small works $12.00 NZD$4.00 NZD
Medium works $24.00 NZD$8.00 NZD
Large works $36.00 NZD$16.00 NZD
Bulky works Please request a quote.


Class Per item*Per additional item*
Small works (add parcel sizes)$20.00 NZD$6.00 NZD
Medium works (add parcel sizes)$40.00 NZD$12.00 NZD
Large works up to (add parcel sizes)$60.00 NZD$20.00 NZD
Works over (add parcel sizes) Please request a quote.

*Minor rounding errors might occur due to the way the rates are calculated. For example if the table above list the price as $12.00 you might be charged $11.99 or $12.01.

International VAT collection and remittance


Our GST turnover from sales connected with Australia is below the registration turnover threshold of A$75,000 and we do not collect VAT for customers in Australia.

Additional costs

Additional fees for international order

Additional fees might be raised by your local tax and customs authorities. Please make sure to review your local laws and regulations before you submit your order, see International orders.

eBooks and downloads

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Paper backs and special editions

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Your business is important to us—please do not hesitate to ask any questions about products, orders, and shipping!