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My favourite highlights …

“… a mind blowing combination of sci fi and fantasy. The depth of world building is incredible and this book is well edited …”

★★★★★ Linda Ling, Author of Sundered

“What a great book, different, complex, compelling and exciting. Thoughtful and dystopian … The writing is superb – dialogue, descriptions, everything.”

★★★★ M.J. Mallon, Goodreads author

“Can’t wait for part two and three! I love a good book containing multiverses or parallel worlds and this one captured me to the point where I used every spare minute to keep on reading … Easla’s past and her connection to the world she suddenly finds herself waking up in is revealed at just the right pace. It’s a very well spun story that I thoroughly enjoyed … If you liked Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere and The Ocean at the End of the Lane, you will love this book as well.”

★★★★★ Goodreads Reader Review

Top of the list

Steven J. Morris’ review is amongst my favourites. One can’t beat a five star review from a fellow author whose books you really enjoy. If you like Urban Fantasy—the kind without hot vampires and shirtless werewolves—check out his Guardian League Series!

“I loooved this book. It gave me all the nostalgic feels … of computer games I used to play as a kid—Zork, Enchanter, Myst—that dump you in the middle of an unknown world or situation, maybe providing a little guidebook or someone’s journal, but with no idea how the pieces they’d supplied me with would fit together. I absolutely love (and miss) that feeling of knowing you have many of the pieces, and while they don’t make sense, they will. The first third of the book, I kept thinking the Fragments would make a great computer game.

Then the characters grow much deeper than a game ever goes, and the last third of the book, while still owning up to its revelatory pieces, felt much deeper and character driven.

… I particularly enjoyed was [Freitag’s] ability to describe through action … Freitag makes even the passive elements of her world-building come alive. Really well done.”

I look forward to the next instalment.

★★★★★ Steven J. Morris, author of Guardian League

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