Minu Freitag’s Crazy-Cute, Joy-Sparking Sprites, by Elizah Leigh

Elizah Leigh, the Curatorial Creativity Connoisseur and Contributing Author at Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, wrote a beautiful article about my work for Quirky Fox.

Minu Freitag’s Crazy-Cute, Joy-Sparking Sprites, by Elizah Leigh

I don’t see myself as somebody others might want to write—or read!—about. This might sound like an attempt at charming self-deprecation. It is not. I have turned being-all-over-the-place into an art form and I am caught in a perpetual not-there-yet stage—I need to become a better writer, a better artist, be a more interesting person before I can come out of my box and be noticed. I am not even sure I want to be noticed …

But … it was a pleasure to be interviewed by Elizah and the resulting article is quite wonderful. So here you go …

the Germany-born, New Zealand-based artist has an insatiable appetite for learning and exploring. As such, she has found that engaging in all of the art – writing, drawing, painting, illustration, printmaking and sculpture – all of the time (!!) eliminates the ‘what ifs’, instead enabling her to manifest imaginatively conceived, joy-sparking whimsies …

In addition to penning a political-post-apocalypse-alternate-reality-dystopian-fantasy-adventure series, Minu Freitag continues to create various utterly charming three-dimensional anthropomorphic beings (plush creatures, wall dolls and free-standing totems) as well as two-dimensional graphite, ink and paint pieces, all of her dreamy entities an extension of the kind and hopeful soul-elevating magic

Other news

The first locally printed New Zealand edition of The Fragments is be available on my website. It looks amazing … if I say so myself.

New here? I am New Zealand-based writer, artist and maker Minu Freitag. I have published my first book—The Fragments, an inventive mix of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Dystopian fiction—in 2022 and am currently working on the second book in The Spheres Series—The House—due for release in the first half of 2024.

You can follow my writing adventures on InstagramTiktok, and Goodreads.

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