Cover Reveal for The Fragments (revised first edition)

I am so excited. I might be the only one right now, but I hope this will change over time.

Beginnings and Mistakes

Cover Reveal for The Fragments (revised first edition)

When I published The Fragments last year, I made a few beginner’s mistakes … which is what you do when you do something you have never done before, right? None of these mistakes have anything to do with the book. The book is beautifully non-mainstream, and people keep telling me how much they love it. And what is even more amazing–they love the things I love about it too.

So, what’s wrong? Well, the packaging was not quite right, and I am seriously unhappy with the KDP print results, especially for the full-page illustrations.

So … in preparation for the release of The House (the second book in the Spheres series) in December 2023, I am re-releasing a revised first edition for the Fragments, starting with the eBook on July 29 (one year after I published the eBook) and followed by the Amazon Trade paperback on August 31.

I have a few more things up my sleeves but more about this soon.

New here? I am New Zealand-based writer, artist and maker Minu Freitag. I have published my first book—The Fragments, an inventive mix of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Dystopian fiction—in 2022 and am currently working on the second book in The Spheres Series—The House—due for release in the first half of 2024.

You can follow my writing adventures on InstagramTiktokTwitter, and Goodreads.

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