The Spheres Series

“This bold introduction to a new series boasts starkly original characters, a thematically compelling plot, and a sprawling world design like few others in the contemporary fantasy genre”
SPR review

The Fragments by Minu Freitag, Book illustration

The Spheres series follows the adventures of Easla, Tayl, Max, and Nell, who, as children, lost everything they ever knew and everybody who ever knew them. Now coming of age, they find themselves entangled in an age-old conflict that has broken the worlds of the Spheres once before and threatens to do so again.

New Zealand writer Minu Freitag creates a tantalising multiverse that will captivate readers of fantasy and science fiction alike. The parallel realities of the Spheres are divided into the new domains, worlds similar to ours but often gripped by dystopian societies, and the old domains, worlds in which older powers rule. Caught in-between are the broken worlds of the divide that are inhabited by creatures so ancient and transient that they fit neither domains. 

Books in the Series

The Fragments, The Spheres Book One, eBook edition published in July 2022, trade paperback edition published in December 2022

The House, The Spheres Book Two, planned for 2024

The Spheres, The Spheres Book Three, planned for 2025

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