Acrylics on wood panel, Part 2

During the 2022/23 website update, I decided keep a few of the older tutorials and this is one of them. I hope to update all tutorials soonish. You can find my latest making videos @minufreitag on  Instagram and TikTok in the meantime!

Night forest No.1, Session 2

This is the second part. For part one please see Acrylics on wood panel, Part 1.

Using glazing techniques on wood panels, there is no way to overpaint or fix outlines later, so it’s a good idea let the panel rest at least overnight or better a couple of days.

I started the second session by following the outlines with Fluid Acrylics in black and white.

7) Following outlines with Fluid Acrylics (black and white) thinned with Acrylics Flow Release. (Use with care!)

8) Setting lights and shadows in black and white glazing layers. Repeat in layers.

9) Slowly adding more glazing layers in colours. Repeat in layers and sand in between.

10) Once happy with the overall colour and shape it’s time to add the final outlines using Fluid Acrylics in black and white. I add these in layers as well until the final highlights stand out.  

11) Again, let it rest for a week or so.

12) Decide on final glazing or varnish.

Tada! Done.

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