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Minu Freitag 2022
Minu Freitag 2022

About the Author

Far from her German origins, Minu Freitag lives on a hill overlooking the Wellington Harbour in New Zealand and asks herself what she is doing here. She has no qualifications to write books, even fewer qualifications to write in English. Still, she asks her readers to bear with her and to follow her on a journey through a world that she knew existed ever since she saw the dark things hiding in the shadows under her bed and compared them with the darker shadows haunting the histories of more than one world.”

Readers of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials will love Minu’s fast-paced contemporary fantasy adventures.

In her debut novel, Minu Freitag creates a tantalising multiverse that will captivate readers of fantasy and science fiction alike. Set in the parallel worlds of the Spheres, the first book in the series takes place in the Protectorate, a world similar to ours but caught in the grip of a ruthless dystopian society, and the Fragments, a world in which human exiles form a fragile alliance with the machine-based inhabitants and the enigmatic Sceadwian shadow creatures.”

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Free chapters online

The Fragments, The Spheres Book One

__ Prologue 1 · A Warning (released February 28, 2022)
__ Prologue 2 · The Fall (released March 28, 2022)
__ Part One, Chapter 1 · Lost (released April 28, 2022)
__Part One, Chapter 2 · Outside (released May 28, 2022)
__Part One, Chapter 3 · The Tear (released June 28, 2022)