Week 7 – step by step and creature by creature

Week 7 has brought the first new listing on Etsy since forever. I managed to finish the first paper mache sculpture – the Heart Keeper, a member of my Winter paper mache tribe – and the first photo shoot with the new set-up went well.

The Heart Keeper #1 - Paper mache sculpture
The Heart Keeper #1 – Paper mache sculpture

I sieved what must be tons of earth, and the garden is now officially a construction place. The builder called today to tell me that they now won’t start before the end of October. … Well, it’s not that there aren’t a million other things to do.

I am still fiddling with how to focus my time and efforts best… concentrating on one goal per week seems to work well, and this blog series keeps me on track. With all the work on the garden and the exterior going on, the weather has a say in my daily routine as well.

Good news arrived from Germany – my application to take on dual citizenship was granted, and I now can apply for the New Zealand citizenship without losing my German citizenship. The process took over 16 months, and I had almost given up.

So … step by step and creature by creature ^_^ …