Week 7 – 46 days to go

Cover for last ARC Advanced Reader Copy release

My last post was 19 days ago, so there is lots to catch up on. But, overall, I feel things are progressing okay-ish. Still lots of ups and downs – and a few really bad days – but I feel I am slowly getting things under control … as far as this is possible.

#100dayproject to Publication

Since the last post, I improved the concepts for the title pages for Parts 1, 2, and 5, and felt it was time to move on to Eass’ Notebook pages.

Book Illustration by Minu Freitag

Next, I spent some time on backdrops for social media feeds and ads. I took pictures of my iPad and favourite notebooks, and prepared them in Photoshop to make it easy to drop in the digital artwork.

Book Illustration by Minu Freitag

The last ARC (Advanced Review or Reader Copy) was due last week, and I managed to resolve most issues and compiled a final ARC version. Yay!

As always you can follow the day to day progress and artworks on @Freitagbooks on Instagram.

I finalised my eBook Distribution strategy and signed up with KDP. Kobo and Apple are next, and the rest I’ll cover via Draft2Digital.

To make things just a tiny bit more challenging, I decided to move my website hosting in the next 2 weeks, and signed up with a new hosting company here in New Zealand. The issues with my old hosting provider are endless – the site went down twice while I wrote this post – and have finally worn me down.

Progress on Book Two

Let’s not talk about this :(.


Sales are still very slow, but I managed to divide my time better between artwork and writing, am I am working on a new collection for my paper mache tribe.

Progress last week(s)

Book 1: Progress is not too bad! Cover for ARC and the ARC are done. Decisions on distribution, stores and aggregators are made.

Book 2: Ouch!

Art(work): Working on a Winter Solstice Collection and small shop update.

Plan for next week

Book 1: Final cover for promos. Finalise Illustrations. Amazon pre-order.

Book 2: Parked

Art(work): Publish Winter Solstice Collection and run promos.