Week 6 – do good fences make good neighbours?

In week 6, I untangled the structural issues in Chapters 6 to 9 – at least I hope I did – and my latest editing cycle can move forwards. I am not even looking at the last chapter for the time being; there are dozens of chapters to comb through before I need to make a final decision anyways.

The paper mache tribe, on the other hand, is at the stage where progress might seem slow – there is not much to show – but is made. Working with homemade paper mache clay without drying agents takes time. Each layer needs to be completely dry before you move to the next. Otherwise, you risk soaking through the structural layers, and your little creature will ‘meltdown’.

Work in progress - paper mache production line
Work in progress – paper mache production line

The renovations on house and garden are still taking up too much time, energy and mind space. It just seems impossible for me to slow down and leave things be and concentrate on my artwork.  

The last light well is done – all three skylights are brilliant and definitely worth all the trouble. The kitchen and the bathroom are now flooded with light and almost unrecognisable. They are also the only two habitable spaces in a world of chaos.

 I needed to move on to the front garden, and to moving and sifting tons of earth to prepare over forty metres (!) of section boundary before the builder can start work on the retaining wall and fence. I don’t get on with my neighbours on that side at all, which makes the process fraud with conflict and tensions and the costs have skyrocketed. Let’s hope that good fences make good neighbours, eh?