Week 51 – Getting there

Week 51 – The penultimate week of my ‘official’ sabbatical, and things are progressing well. I finished the third draft of my book project and now only need to go back to make sure my last-minute changes towards the end do not conflict with previous chapters. Once that is done, I have my first completed manuscript, and I can switch my focus to the illustrations. Yay! Celebration dance.

More paper mache work coming up

Paper mache in progress, minu studio

I submitted the imagery and interview for an upcoming blog feature, and I plan to finish a set of paper mache sculptures for a small August shop update for the Felt.co.nz minu online shop … Fingers crossed!

As always, thank you so much for your interest and comments on social media, and don’t forget to use the coupon MINUSITE2021 to get 10% off at minu.felt.co.nz and to follow @minuFreitag on Instagram, or  Pinterest, or Twitter or more pictures and vouchers.


Progress this week

Art(work): Good progress on the paper mache tribe.

Promotion and social media: Steady on. 

Editing and rewrites: I finished the draft on time(ish)! Yay. Celebration dance.

Renovations: Decided on final design for pergola and dug post holes.

Garden: Finished levelling the earth for Section 3b. Shredded more mulch and mulched Section 3b.