Week 50 – New website is live

Week 50 – The new minu website is LIVE. Yay! Little celebration dance. 

The switch was … suboptimal, and the site was down for most of the day. I would fire my website agency, but I can’t seeing that I am it. So, onwards and upwards. The new site has a new look and feel, runs on the latest WordPress version, and closes some long overdue gaps in compliance. Don’t we all love those cookie pop-ups?

New print series coming up

I might have broken through my printmaking block! I started working on a new series, and the first results are not too shabby.

Work in progress, Drypoint print by minu
Work in progress, Drypoint print by minu

I was also busy with a photoshoot for an upcoming feature; I can tell you more about that in August.

As always, thank you so much for your interest and comments on social media, and don’t forget to use the coupon MINUSITE2021 to get 10% off at minu.felt.co.nz and to follow @minuFreitag on Instagram, or  Pinterest, or Twitter or more pictures and vouchers.


Progress this week

Art(work): Not as much process as I wanted to make.

Promotion and social media: Steady on. 

Editing and rewrites: I am getting closer to finish the draft on time(ish). 

Renovations: No progress this week – Ouch!

Garden: No progress this week either – Ouch!