Week 5 – day by day

Week 5 finally brought some progress on the paper mache tribe strategy. I selected my favourite shapes – and the most feasible ones – from the prototypes and started on a line of creatures for my online shops.

Work in progress - paper mache production line
Work in progress – papermache production line

I also adjusted my paper mache clay recipes to work better for the now taller creatures (which I will add to the blog shortly).

Work in progress – papermache clay preparation

Taking and editing pictures with the iPad works quite well and saves a lot of time that would otherwise be taken up by struggling with memory chips – my SLR doesn’t have Wifi or Bluetooth – and Photoshop. How To Take Product Photography At Home With A Smartphone by shopify.co.nz is a useful tutorial – it prevented me ordering a new fancy lightbox and camera. 

The last light well for the skylight in the kitchen is almost done. For a time, the renovation work will focus on the garden (even so the interiors still match a construction place more than a home). The new retaining wall is about two times the budgeted costs mainly because the neighbour insisted on a fence along the whole length … ah well, the joy of compromise. 

The first three chapters of my book are through the latest review cycle – I am sure it wont be the last one – but I am pretty much stuck on the  draft for the last part. There is no way to force these thing top happen, so I’ll take it day by day.