Week 49 – The end is nearing

My official sabbatical is coming to its end. It’s scary. Not so much because I need to start looking at a steady income, but because I feel I need to look back and see what I have actually achieved. 



I think I better think about this another day.

So, last week? I will keep the end of my book more or less as per the incomplete draft from 2019, and I am working slowly through those last chapters. Did I mention scary? I hope I have enough time to go back then and revise the final comments and changes.

The new website started as a super rough experimental prototype but has surprisingly turned into a publishable beta. Only a few last touches remain, and it can go live.

I completed the final project for one more Domestika course – Illustrated Stories: From Idea to Paper. I enjoyed the course and think I can translate a part of what I learned into my printmaking practice.

Blue sky and a red fish - sketch by minu
Blue sky and a red fish – sketch by minu

Which brings me to said practice. I revisited my Monoprint tutorial, and I enjoy the ease and no-fuss technique, so I think I’ll follow up this week.

I made some progress in the garden as well, but the front section still looks awful – a junkyard really. I hate to throw so much material out, but I think I have reused what I can and now need to start driving stuff to the landfill. I can’t wait to see if all the new planting takes off in spring.

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Progress this week

Art(work): Up and down

Promotion and social media: Steady on. 

Editing and rewrites: Some progress has been made. 

Renovations: No progress this week – Ouch!

Garden: More winter clean-up and shredding. The peach tree is in its new, sunnier position. The raised bed along the fence in the back is finished, and the first tree in the back is planted.