Week 48 – July Shop update now live

Week 48 – The July Shop Update is live! My first scheduled Shop update on both minu.etsy.com and minu.felt.co.nz is live and the first newsletter in ages has been sent.

\(^-^)/ … little celebration dance.

Winter walkers – Paper mache art by minu

I haven’t listed the creatures on this site because … drumroll … a new website is in the making and will be published soon.

Now that the shop update is done, I need to face my printer’s block … so … July will be printing month! It’s ridiculous how scary this feels, but I have an evil master plan … because that’s what I do – evil master-planing …

… and then there is also a book draft to be completed!

(҂◡_◡) ᕤ

Forest Walkers - Paper mache sculpture by minu
Forest Walkers – Paper mache sculpture by minu

The renovation work on the house has slowed down considerably and not only due to the weather :(. Something had to give, I guess …

I am not sure if I’ll continue the blog past my sabbatical. It’s been fun and super helpful for me, but there is almost no traffic … maybe, I’ll move this to a combined weekly social media and blog update format … we’ll see.

As always, thank you so much for your interest and comments on social media, and don’t forget to use the coupon MINUSITE2021 to get 10% off  at minu.felt.co.nz and to follow @minuFreitag on Instagram, or  Pinterest, or Twitter or more pictures and vouchers.


Progress this week

Art(work): Getting there.

Promotion and social media: Good progress. 

Editing and rewrites: At least some progress has been made. 

Renovations: No progress this week – Ouch!

Garden: Lots of winter clean-up and shredding. The two new pear trees are planted and mulched, as are the three blueberry bushes and the NZ mint.