Week 46 – Product Photography

Week 46 -The last months were more or less dedicated to defining and implementing a strategy for my art endeavours past my sabbatical. Now, it’s time for some long overdue homework based on said strategy :). 

Priority 2* – Awesome images

If you follow my Instagram feed, you can see that I have been experimenting  with my product images. Based on my strategy all my content, including my images need to

  • communicate function,
  • create an emotional connection
  • and convey my values. 
Product image with a hand holding the artwork to show the size
Product image with a hand holding the artwork to show the size

You can find a lot of advice on taking engaging product photos on the internet, but everybody seems to agree on few touchstones : 

  • professional look
  • natural light
  • neutral backgrounds
  • no filters

I would add:  

  • to pay extra attention to your thumbnails 
Product image in situ
Product image in situ

Nobody is going to read your product descriptions before they decide they might like your artwork enough to invite it into their homes or to treat a friend, so it is also important to add:

  • photos that show the size of your artwork 
  • photos that show your artwork in situ 

Other advice suggests adding text slides about your shop policies, but I feel that does not work so well if you aim to attract the ‘right’ customer (more about this soon).

For example, I accept returns, but I don’t think that should be an argument to buy, so I add this information, including terms and conditions, to the packaging slip.

My creations are all handcrafted sustainably from paper mache and recycled screws and nails. Even though this is valuable information for my ‘right’ customers, I decided to keep this in the description … for now.

Also, my shipping materials are either reused, recycled, or recyclable, but, again, I rather keep this in the product description.

To get this all going, I have updated all sculpture thumbnails on Etsy to make sure the creatures can be seen in all their glory and don’t have their feet or antlers cut off :(. Not fun.

Product image with pencils to show the size of the artwork
Product image with pencils to show the size of the artwork

And, even though I will keep my pencil images, I decided to clean my fingers, polish my thumbnail (no pun intended) and take the famous hold-your-smaller-artwork-in-your-hand photos … as you can see :).

Want to share your ideas? Comment on the Instagram post.

*) Priority 1 is to create unique artworks that I myself would love to have around in my house … I am very picky, so that is not easy :P.

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Progress this week

Art(work): Still not on target :(.

Promotion and social media: Getting there. 

Editing and rewrites: Way under target this week.

Renovations: Wardrobe doors are primed and installed. Yay!

Garden: Bought more plants (anything else was impossible in the current weather)