Week 45 – Preparing for the July shop update

Week 45 – I added one more print to the June studio sale – ‘The Wolf and the Forest‘ – and I am sure I’ll find more in my folders this week. 

The Wolf and the Forest by minu

The new paper mache tribe members for the July shop update are coming along, and I have lined up more creatures for their final product photoshoot. Weather allowing. Working with natural light on the darkest days of the year is not easy :).

In my studio, product photo shoot
In my studio, product photo shoot

I have reached the 8th and final part of my never-ending (?) book project – Yay! – and the house renovations are crawling forwards as well. The weather is not conducive to achieving much outside, so I returned to my – also never-ending (?) – wardrobe project with mixed success.

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Art(work): Better, but still not on target.

Promotion and social media: Definitely, getting there. 

Editing and rewrites: On target this week with 5878 words. Yay!. 

Renovations: More progress has been made on the wardrobe doors. 

Garden: More beds are planted in Section 3b and the clean-up in the backyard is more or less done, and I moving on to the raised bed with the new trees.