Week 44 – Round and round in circles and more prints added to the Studio Sale

Week 44 – I am still going around in circles with the international shipping, so bear with me on this one. The print inventory revealed a complete set of the Forest Dreams print, and Forest Dreams No.1 and Forest Dreams No.2 are now available on minu.felt.co.nz as part of the June Studio Sale.

You can use the coupon MINUSITE2021 to get another 10% off \(^-^)/. 

Forest Dreams No.2, Drypoint by minu

Forest Dream No.1, Drypoint by minu

I made progress on the new “gallery wall”, and my studio slowly starts to look less like a large storage box.

In my studio June 2021
In my studio June 2021
In my studio June 2021
In my studio June 2021

Work on my paper mache tribe continues, but progress on my book is still slow.

But all is all, I have the feeling I am getting there … wherever there is.

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Art(work): Better but still not on target.

Promotion and social media: Getting there. I reached 300 followers on Instagram … not the world, but it’s something :).   

Editing and rewrites: Definitely under target this week … I didn’t even count, seeing that I spend all week restructuring Part 7 … ah well. 

Renovations: Progress has been made on the wardrobe doors, and lessons have been learned: making three-meter tall doors yourself on a budget sucks (sorry, but it really does)

Garden: The walkway through Section 3b is done as far as possible and the clean-up in the backyard is almost done. I bought a new tree fern, and I might have sourced the reddest of all Japanese maple called Fireglow online. Yay!