Week 43 – June Studio Sale

Week 43 – The never-ending inventory continues – I have to find a better way to keep track of my print editions!  I found a few prints from the Awoke series, including one of my favourite paired prints – This one is for you and Or the faint smell of leaves

Both are now available on minu.felt.co.nz as part of the June Studio Sale, and you can use MINUSITE2021 to get another 10% off \(^-^)/. 

I started on a “gallery wall” in my studio, and I hope I have pictures to share next week. Work on my paper mache tribe continues. Work on my book has slowed down. I have a feeling that this is one of these traps you set for yourself – the further you come towards the end, the more your monkey mind will aim to distract you.

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Otherwise, it’s raining. And raining. And raining.

Art(work): Better but not on target.

Promotion and social media: More regular posting based on the new strategy … I found that I despise people that follow you on Instagram just to unfollow you the next day 🙂

Editing and rewrites: 4537 words – just under target. 

Renovations: Ah, well … some progress has been made … one could say … 

Garden: Did I mention rain? :(.