Week 41 – Winter is coming

Week 41 – It is getting cold, but there are silver linings – paper mache dries very well on a wood fire : ). Progress on the book is going well, and I have re-started the work on the collateral – working on the illustrations remains the single most frightening thing I have ever done. 

First glimpse at some concepts for my book project
First glimpse at some concepts for my book project

I also made some progress on the colour studies for my new paper mache figurines, and my content strategy is taking shape – running a discovery phase by yourself for your artistic endeavours is weird but helpful, and I can see the first benefits from my social media strategy. I even created a campaign calendar/publication calendar (I vaguely remember saying I would not ;).)

Colour studies, work in progress
Colour studies, work in progress

Now back to writing!

Progress log

Art(work): Progress, but a bit all over the place … 

Promotion and social media: Much better! 

Editing and rewrites: 5081 words – just over 1000 words per day. Yay. 

Renovations: Almost no progress on wardrobe doors, but started work on the new back yard. 

Garden: Started on edging and planting for Section 3b.