Week 40 – New creatures in the making

Week 40 – After completing my bookkeeping and my quarterly review, I caught a tummy bug, and staring at my computer was one of the few things I was capable of while being sick in bed. So, I decided to work on my strategy for 2021/2022. 

Strangely enough, rather than being discouraging, it sparked a range of activities, including progress on my artwork. I completed the base shapes for four new creatures over the weekend and can’t wait to see how they turn up once the details are finished, and they are painted. 

Paper mache work in progress
Paper mache work in progress

I don’t plan to ignore that I need to decide the next steps for my book project, but I will make the best use of the newfound energy to progress my little paper mache tribe.  

Work on my strategy was invigorated by the Brand Strategy on Instagram course by Julieta Tello on Domestika – the Spanish presentation slides and screenshot made it very hard to follow, and the subtitles alone do not help. Still, there is enough substance in the course materials to make it worth a look. (And any marketing jargon and the word brand make me want to run away usually.)

I also dug out the discovery strategy I developed with my clients over the years, and things start to take shape. I will aim to create a useful and usable framework to share with other artist and crafters. 

Now back to my creatures!

Progress log

Art(work): Good progress after a patchy start … 

Promotion and social media: Uhhhh … well a new start has been made

Editing and rewrites:  3088 words – approx. 617 words per day … kind of okay with two sick days. 

Renovations: Very slow progress on wardrobe doors.

Garden: More work on section 3b.