Week 39 – Quarterly Review

Week 39 – In Week 13, I estimated that I needed another 120 days to complete the third draft. With five days per week and two weeks holiday, that would have meant this week. Not. Going. To. Happen.

I had to revise my 1500-words-per-day target down to 1000 words. So, in theory, I would be looking at 60 days more, and 12 more weeks would take me to Week 51 … . Let’s call this a maybe not so bad sign.

I do my best to ignore my more soul-destroying doubts, but the what-if-all-this-is-for-nothing question does come up, and it warrants some attention. What does for-nothing mean? leads straight to Why am I doing this? The this-is-what-I do;-I-write answer feels genuine, and, even though I have barely scratched the surface of what I-write means for me, I-am-read is a part of it.
I have a rough understanding of the editing and publishing process after a manuscript is completed (in the unlikely case I find a publishing house). I am not expecting to go down that road. I write in a foreign language, have no connections, no network, and there is no reason why any publisher would even look at the manuscript. If I self-publish, I want to do it in an as professional manner as I can manage … .

Lots to think about in the next 13 weeks, I guess. My overall plan was not to make any decisions around going back to a paid job for 12 months, and I plan to stick with that for now.

Other news: A new quartet of paper mache creatures is in progress :).

Paper mache work in progress
Paper mache work in progress
Paper mache work in progress
Paper mache work in progress

Progress log

Art(work): Not good enough, but not an utter loss either … 

Promotion and social media: Uhhhh … yes well … 

Editing and rewrites:  4237 words – approx. 1059 words per day (another 4 day week) , so … YAY! target met three times in a row. 

Renovations: The wardrobe doors have moved from slow going to a grinding halt, but the bookshelves are completed. And work in the backyard has started – thanks to a helping hand over the weekend. 

Garden: I have moved from shuffling earth to hard landscaping. Yay! Section 3b is taking shape.