Week 38 – Taxes

Week 38 – The business year for most small businesses in New Zealand runs from 1 April to 31 March, and we have about four weeks to get our GST and Income returns in, so bookkeeping looms depressingly over April … especially if your temporary filing system looks like mine: a zip bag full of crumpled receipts. But I hunkered down over the long ANZAC weekend, flatted paper and entered data into my spreadsheets … very old school :).
Progress on the book has been good – I am working through the third draft of the second chapter of Part 6 – where my protagonists find themselves in maybe my favourite location – and things have been happening on the house and garden.

I continued my experiments with watercolours, exploring options around digital retouching following the instructions the very talented Ana Santos offers in her Domestika course Illustrated Portrait in Watercolour. Not something I usually dabble in, but it allows you to quickly work through your colours and composition before ruining your original, and Ana’s process is refreshing – and surprisingly – analogue.

watercolour experiments, work in progress
watercolour experiments, work in progress

And now, back to my taxes.

Progress log

Art(work): Sketching, watercolour experiments, and R&D

Promotion and social media: Uhhhh … yes well … 

Editing and rewrites:  5067 words – approx. 1015 words per day … YAY! met  my 1000 words a day / 5 days a week target two times in a row. 

Renovations: The wardrobe doors are very, very slow going – I might have to move the schedule for the decks and porch back a few weeks :(.  

Garden: Levelled more ground … that can put you off gardening in no time.