Week 34 – Silver lining(s)

What I set out to do in last week’s post worked: I met my writing targets for the first time in weeks, finished four paper mache creatures, and still made progress in the house and garden. Yay!

Work in progress, paper mache figurine by minu
Work in progress, paper mache figurine by minu

So, what did I do differently? 

Better time management

I moved my writing sessions back into the priority morning slot – 9 am to 12 am – and voila, I met my writing target for the first time in weeks, and the words flowed from my keys even in the dreaded editing cycle. 

Better organisation

Again, I re-established my usual process of making lists with measurable targets in the morning and having stuff ready for each subsequent tasks. This includes making sure I have my running gear ready in the morning and don’t need to go through the clothes to find my sports bra. I also track my time slots in a calendar with colours to see where I spent my time … it might sound a bit neurotic, but it takes less than ten minutes a day, and the colours highlight time traps like social media or binge-watching.

Work in progress, paper mache figurine by minu
Work in progress, paper mache figurine by minu

Shut up and create 

The Shut up and write mantra from Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg* should be applied to any creative endeavour. Finding reasons for not writing or creating takes away precious time and, even worse, mindset. As does complaining there is never enough time, so I made sure to shut up and write and create. 

Breaks and R&D

Breaks and R&D are easy to let slip, but I achieve more on days where I stick to my 30 minutes running or yoga routine in the morning and take mini-breaks every hour. Plus, my writing and my artwork improve if I allow time for experiments and personal development. 

Progress log

Art(work): four paper mache creatures finished. 

Promotion and social media: Ah well … I can’t win every game. 

Editing and rewrites: 5416 words – approx. 1080 words per day, well within my 1000 words / 5 days a week target. 

Renovations: Progress on wardrobe: plastered side wall, started on front frame and painting. 

Garden: Levelled more ground and started on a ladder shelf for pots and plants … and bought heaps of plants for the next steps. 


*) If you haven’t listened to the Audiobook, do it! Most public libraries will have it, so check your Libby!