Week 33 – What to do, what to do …

Afternoon tea self portrait, course work
Afternoon tea self portrait, course work

Work has fallen behind schedule on all fronts. The reasons are the usual suspects:

  • completing tasks takes longer than expected or tasks don’t go according to plan
  • my mind-space is scattered across too many tasks
  • creative work – like most other tasks – is not always ‘plan-able’

The solution is obvious: In a perfect world, I would review outcomes and priorities, backlog some tasks, and concentrate on completing others.

To recap, I am

  • writing a book
  • creating artwork, refining and improving my style, and promoting my work online
  • completing the renovations on the house and section – currently, the living room and a new in-built wardrobe, as well as landscaping in the garden (already on weekend back-burner)

The overarching idea is to develop a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle.

Sketchbook, the scarf
Sketchbook, the scarf

So yes, things obviously clash. In short: too much is going on (it’s called scattering and is the doom of ‘getting anywhere’).  But, the one thing that I can put on the back burner is already  backlogged – the work on the section and garden. Any progress is ‘nice to have’ until the basics in the living room are done. Everything else are must-haves: We – okay I – can’t go on living in a half-done house; this is the last chance to complete a book that is ten years in the making, and concentrating on my writing and my artwork is part of my model future. Making all of this work is part of the challenge.

So the next text book solutions are:

  • better time management
  • Higher efficiency  better organisation

I have left ‘throwing more money at it’ out of the equation, and efficiency and creative work are not natural companions, so let’s call it better organisation.

From my personal experience, I would add:

  • apply the shut-up and write principle (or make, create, renovate, etc.)
  • allow for R&D slots

I work based on an overall plan with ‘smartish’ goals, and I also compare and adapt the plan with reality each month. Time management is easy: make a list of tasks and time slots and stick to the plan. Better organisation is easy as well: review the list of tasks from above and be realistic with what you can achieve in the given time – everything counts. Make sure you have all you need for that task ready to go at the allotted time, review and repeat.

So WTF is the problem … well, let’s see how I do next week :).

Progress log

Art(work):  More sketches, exercises, and progress on paper mache … not meeting my targets.

Promotion and social media: Also not good enough …

Editing and rewrites:  3361 words – approx. 670 words per day … better than last week, but still under the 1000 words per day / 5 days a week target :(.

Renovations: Progress on wardrobe: made plan, side wall is built up to the plaster boards, and materials for the front frame are bought.

Garden: Worked on the east border, some levelling, and more thinking on how to progress.


A day after I wrote this post, I found a video on YouTube – like one does – called The drawing advice that changed my life by Australian Campbell Walker’s Struthless channel. It screams clickbait but is worth watching :). And now, no more procrastinating.