Week 31 – More running in circles …

Week 31 – Okay, week 31 was not a week for creative success. I lost the never-ending battle with the house renovations taking up way too much of my time and mind space completely last week – I caved in, desperate to complete the exterior painting … which I did … so yay for that, I guess.

I made progress on the first painting in the new series but only to discover that the colour palette is not what I had in mind … so back to the drawing board … yikes.

I am struggling to create a distinguishable style across the sculptures, painting, and printmaking. And the only way out of this is to shut up and put in the hours. I am thinking about starting a small challenge. 12 works in 12 days … something doable to get into a routine.

Celebrating the little wins - sunflower in one of the new beds
Celebrating the little wins – sunflower in one of the new beds

Progress log

Art(work):  I am the circle, and the circle is me, and around we go.

Promotion and social media: Another so la la.

Editing and rewrites: 2853 words – approx. 570 words per day … well under the 1000 words per day / 5 days a week target. Again! (And even worse than last week … buhuhuhuuuu.)

Renovations: Exterior paint – Completed! It only took me three summers! Piece of cake …

Garden: More work on the little woodblock patio. Clearing of Section 3B is in progress so that I can start on that … .