Week 3 – Onwards and upwards

In Week 3, renovation work pretty much dominated the scene.

  • Two out of the three skylights are installed, the two light wells still need to be plastered. Which we plan to do ourselves. … (Light wells are maybe the stupidest place to test your plastering skills … .)
  • The garden migrates deeper into the it-get-worse-before-it-gets-better stage. We felled two small trees have to make space for the planned fern tree (tree fern?) relocation. 
  • The paper mache tribe is making progress four figurines are ready for the photoshoot, including one newly painted one.
Paper mache tribe ready for the photoshoot … not this really bad one but a halfway professional one.
New tribe member
  • The external painting creeps forward in more mini-steps.
  • And I might have a candidate sketch to be turned into a painting.  

As before, time for studying, writing and editing took up the rest, plus the occasional walk on the beach.

Onwards and upwards, I guess ^_^ …