Week 29 – Getting things done.

Week 29 – I finished the final touches for the next set of four paper mache creatures! The new winter spirits have little, articulate arms, which took a while to figure out : ). The photoshoot took ages, but the super simple, new set-up is proofing to be faster than the light tent.

The first winter spirit is listed on the minu online shops on etsy and felt.

Writing and renovation are crawling along, but overall, I feel this week was an achievement. There is an end in sight for the external painting, which took ridiculously long … I think I started over three years ago … ouch. Well, I hope to achieve 98% completion in February – 2% are reserved for the too-hard bucket.
So … things got done.
A few.
Small ones.

Paper mache tribe - photo shoot
Paper mache tribe – photo shoot
Paper mache tribe - photo shoot
Paper mache tribe – photo shoot

Progress log

Art(work): Final touches and photoshoot for four paper mache creatures – one listed on esty and felt.

Promotion and social media: Better, with the most likes on a post on Instagram so far for these little fellows.

Editing and rewrites: 6551 words – approx. 1300 words per day … over the 1000 words per day / 5 days a week target. Yay!

Renovation: Exterior paint – The whole eastern wall is done. Yay! One window has been started. Weatherboards have been replaced on the laundry wall.

Garden: Work on the little wood block patio is progressing. Bed for the last peach tree is prepared.