Week 26 – the dreaded half time marker

Week 25 – Things are better but not quite back on track, and the dreaded half time marker has been reached. In short, there is a need for more focus on the artwork part – everything else is going okay-ish. There is no way around the fact that I wanted to be in a different place by now. But that said, I don’t feel discouraged. The ‘things need more time as planned’ mantra is more true than ever, as is ‘I am no longer 20 … or 30 … or even 40’ … skies, when did that happen?

Sketchbook - experiments with ink
Sketchbook – experiments with ink

Progress log

Art(work): Progress on my sketchbook experiments, including monoprints using paper cuts and inkwork with nib brushes and bamboo pens.

Promotion and social media: Ah well …  shame on me, I guess.

Editing and rewrites: 3961 words – approx. 790 words per day … better than last week but still under the 1000 words per day / 5 days a week target.

Renovation: Exterior paint – The underside of the eaves are now blood red 🙂 – took three coats of paint and a lot of cursing.

Garden: built the brick edging for the mini seating patio next to the deck and more paving.