Week 20 – Happy Holidays!

Week 20 – 2020 is nearing its end – nobody could have foreseen what the fates would throw at us at the start of this year, and I think most of us feel like good riddance. The last orders are shipped and, as I write this post-Xmas, the public holidays are more or less done, and New Zealand prepares itself for the summer break.
Only there is no summer really … instead, we are huddling in front of the wood burner! Ah well, the sun is supposed to return next week.

My Pinterest minu page is set-up, and I am going to fill the boards over the next weeks – feel free to follow me! I added Ratty, Wind in the Willows – Soft sculpture (Plush) and Moleshe, Wind in the Willows – Soft sculpture (Plush) to the online artwork catalogue. I made no headway with finding a new approach to my printmaking endeavours, so I decided to park this for a while and explore a more painterly approach to my new illustration series.  While working on the colour scheme, I discovered an unexpected love for some bling :).

Colour experiments for new series, sketchbook by minu
Colour experiments for new series, sketchbook by minu

I haven’t dared to look at the sprint plan for the last two weeks – it’s going to be red, red, red. Having said that, I feel strangely positive that things will fall into place over the next weeks.

So … a belated Happy Holidays and a happy summer break!