Week 2 – Stop and go

Week 2 felt pretty much like falling over myself in too many ways to count. My mind is adapting to the new regime, but progress feels slow. Very slow. Like standing still slow. Still, I feel that stupid smile on my face every single time I remember I don’t have to go to my old day job. There are never enough hours in a day to do all the things I want to do, but at least I work on things I either love doing or to improve my studio and my home.

  • The builders are in the house installing the new skylights. … I might have underestimated the impact on daily routines … seeing that the guys are working in three out of four rooms in the house¬† … and in the bathroom :).
  • I needed to find ways to make the paper mache creatures heavier – the prototypes fall over too quickly for my taste. I had to saw a few of them into parts … very unsettling. Poor critters! However, it highlights one of my favourite advantages in working with paper mache – it’s easy to change your mind and rework designs!
  • The external painting creeps forward in mini-steps.

The rest of my time is split between studying, finding out how to do things – for example, more efficient ways to take and edit product pictures, or how to build three-meter high sliding doors on a budget (How exactly did we cope without youtube?) – as well as writing and editing, and the occasional sketch.

Pencil sketch - A game of cups
Pencil sketch – A game of cups

Ah well … and a second blog post has been written ^_^ …