Week 17 – how bad can things get?

Week 17 – I used to love watching George Clarke’s Renovation Man TV shows on Youtube. For those of you that do as well, you’ll remember the dark-night-of-the-soul moments when all seems to conspire against our heroes: tears are flowing, tools are thrown against walls, and the world as a whole is ending in the staged reality TV format we all like to live through vicariously. This is about the point my renovations have reached.

My evil neighbours turn out to have previously unknown, unsurmountable villain superpowers, and all is lost. So the hero of this little venture spent week 17 crying and cursing and in utter misery, until a moment of enlightenment after she sent a text containing an f-word to the said evil neighbour and started shouting at a builder. 

A shortlist of epiphanies: 

1 – You don’t send texts containing the f-word – or the c-word, or the b-word – to your neighbour. You reserve these word for conversations with your friends – people that you love and that get you and are members of your universe in general and your tribe in particular. 

2 – You don’t shout at random people either – again you do that with people that share the same universe as you do … and maybe a select few members of your family. 

3 – In troubled times, you need to be extra kind to yourself and the people that are close to you. They love you, you love them, and they are not the enemy. 

4 – Even with all the Serenity, Courage, and Wisdom combined, life will throw you in a river of shit from time to time, and you will need to paddle to keep your head above the water. 

Being upset and drowning in self-pity takes a lot of time, so I better run now and start to concentrate on the things that really matter … like making two stuffed heroes that I am sure will live in a very lovely and kind home and very seldom encounter super villains too big to topple. 

Badger, by minu

Skills learnt this week: Not so much a skill but the realisation that I am human with all the flaws, rough edges and pain that condition entails. 

So let’s hope this is as bad as things get and mistress fate throws in a few silver linings!