Week 13 … one hundred and twenty days to ‘final’ draft

Week 13 – It’s November, and that is a tiny bit frightening. But, things are moving in too many directions to count, and that is something, I guess.

I am still in recovery mode from last week’s printmaking crisis, but the studio inventory allowed me to look back and find some lost treasures. Amongst them are four prints of one of my favourite Afternoon Tea edition – The Donkey. They are listed in my studio sale on felt as are many other prints that I found in folders and drawers :).

The Donkey Drypoint by minu

The first sales have come from unexpected directions reminding me that to get your work in front of as many people in as many ways and places possible is essential.

Due to said crisis in the arts, writing took first place last week. I am grateful to be able to switch between two very different creative forms – if I get stuck in one, I can switch to the other following the ‘A change is as good as a rest’ principle. It comes with risking to lose focus, but anybody who can sit in front of a computer and write for more than four hours a day has my admiration. 

At the moment, I can work through roughly 1,500 words a day in editor-mode (included are the odd missing paragraph and details that I skipped in the last draft). The draft currently stands at 166,000 words. I have reviewed about 26,000 so fa, which leaves me with 140,000 to go. Taking expected and unexpected gaps into account, I am looking at about 120 days until I have a draft I feel comfortable sharing … finger crossed. 

Helpful in that matter is the bad weather that keeps me safely tugged away indoors rather than digging backwards and forwards through the garden … having said this, the tomatoes and beans have outgrown their pots (as have all the other new and old plant waiting on my front deck to spread their roots) and I took advantage of the occasional sunny day and installed the new stairs down the deck and built two raised beds from recycled wood.

And did I mention that I ripped out a hallway door to make space for the second-hand glass door that is leaning against the living room wall since a month? Or two. Or three.