Week 11 – Wednesdays

Week 11 – It turns out Wednesdays are actually good for something – I tried various schedules for my weekly art sprints*, and, strangely enough, Wednesday is the least threatening day to stand-up and review the sprint plan. 

Scrutinising success and failures on a Monday takes the wind out of my sails, and moving the review to Fridays feels like dooming the weekend. (Yes,  artist and self-employed creatives and makers should have time to recuperate and recharge batteries like other beings! Doing so on weekends might help to stay in touch with family and friends.) So midweek is a good pivot point to look back on what I achieved and to look forward to what should be done next. 

Hidden treasures #1 - Paper mache sculpture
Hidden treasures #1 – Paper mache sculpture

Wednesday is also my blog day so that fits well. So, what happened in week 11?

The good includes the re-opening of my minu online shop at felt.co.nz and my new minu page on Pinterest. The first products are listed, and the first pins created – more to come soon. Three more paper mache creatures are listed online and available via felt.co.nz – The Fox Spirit Keeper #1 (my favourite so far)The Bird Spirit Keeper #1, and Hidden Treasures #1.

Fox Spirit Keeper #1 - Paper mache sculpture
Fox Spirit Keeper #1 – Paper mache sculpture

And I refined some ideas for a new series of prints and paintings, and some of the sketches comes along nicely – to soon to share sorry!

The bad is that I even though I rekindled my printmaking ventures, my first attempt on a collagraph in years failed spectacularly. I was unable to buy the right materials in Wellington, and cutting corners just does not work in printmaking! Having said this, collagraphy might not be the right technique for the style I have in mind, so further experiments will be conducted.

The Bird Keeper #1 - Paper mache sculpture
The Bird Keeper #1 – Paper mache sculpture

A spell of stormy days seemed to invigorate the review of Part 2 of my book project. After running in circles for weeks, the last restructure seems to work – touch wood – and the progress has been made.

Renovations are still focused on the outside. The weather did not allow much progress and to motivate further digging and landscaping, I went and bought a carload of plants. And it wasn’t even on a Wednesday.

*) Sprint is a term borrowed from the Scrum Agile productivity framework. You break each project into short, repeatable phases with a list of tasks to be completed – I usually prefer to work with weeks.