Week 1 – Beginnings

Taking stock after one week without a day job. I don’t feel different really. Some of the anger and noise is gone, but my mind is sluggish to reset.

I get up, go through my morning rituals, get ready for the day. At 9:00 am latest—working my way towards an 8:00 am start—I sit in my studio and plan the day. Most days are split between study time, writing, renovations, and making time. The weather decides which task takes priority. Sunny days are reserved for external renovations, rainy days are focused on studio time.

Work in progress – the keeper of your heart
  • The new studio is a work in progress but feels comfortable. It is painted, the printing press has moved in, the bookshelves are built, and materials are decluttered and stored in new places.
  • I won an auction for a beautiful old glass door in a rimu frame and managed to get it home in one piece.
  • I rekindled my writing exercises  – If you haven’t read or listened to Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg, I’d highly recommend doing so.
  • I started the work on the external renovations in an unexpected break from the wet winter weather.
  • Plans have been made, including one to finish the first paper mache tribe.
Stand-up meeting with the tribe

The progress on the external painting might be as pitiful as the progress on writing and making—and the house is in chaos with so many tasks incomplete—but beginnings have been made.

Work in progress – the new studio

Ah well … and one blog post has been written ^_^ …