Week 1 (and 2)

I reinstated my weekly reports for a new project, counting down the last 100 days until I release my first book on July 28, 2022!

Much has happened after my last report in August 2021.
First, I did not go back to work. Instead, I extended my 12-month sabbatical for another 12 months, after which my meagre funds will have dwindled to nothing, and I need to face the fact that getting paid has its advantages. Or so they say.
In September / October 2021, the manuscript for The Fragments went through two rounds of proofreading. I hired my 70plus English teacher, and, to both our surprise, she enjoyed the process and the book. After that, two colleges acted as first readers and, again, to all our surprise, they enjoyed the book, were full of praise and wanted more.

I also talked to fellow writers and industry experts in New Zealand about publication options and eventually decided to self-publish. Against their advice. More about this in a separate post soon.

I started on a publication and promotion strategy and decided to begin with an eBook release. After a steep learning curve and too many circles to run in or count, I eventually decided to export an advanced reader or review copy from Scrivener. More about that in another post as well.
I managed to get a halfway decent export and send it to two more first (second?) readers. My niece was full of praise and seemed similarly surprised as the first set, but another friend struggled and was less enthusiastic.
To kick off the promotional strategy, I set up a new Instagram account and set myself a #100dayproject challenge to get the cover and illustrations done and finally publish a first edition eBook. I am not aiming for perfect … I see it more like a working beta.
Which gets us to today. Or week 1 and 2.

#100dayproject to Publication

Week 1 (and 2) – The first two weeks of my #100dayproject passed in a blur. As part of the project, I need to have something to show on Instagram every day, and the Illustrations are still embarrassingly bad. But not all of them. The challenge is … well challenging, but there might be a silver lining. Here are a few “highlights”:

I also have a much clearer idea for the cover and the overall promotional materials—more about this next week.

Progress on Book Two

Let’s see; we are about 124 days into 2022, which means I am 124 days behind … . Okay, I have an outline, a structure and a few rough chapters, but if I want to have the next manuscript ready by the end of 2022 I need to get some writing hours in.


Here, everything is all over the place! The next shop update is scheduled for May 21. I need to set weekly goals and get this into shape! The good news is that I have broken through my printmaking block and also started on a series of digital prints based on pencil and watercolour work.


Progress last week(s)

Book 1: The new cover is in a rough draft. New sample chapter is published. Blog is re-instated. Progress on illustrations is hard to measure, but I feel I am getting somewhere.

Book 2: Re-set weekly goals.

Art(work): Re-set weekly goals!

Plan for next week

Book 1: Working draft for cover. Final schedule for Illustrations for release. Next eBook draft export. Look into Wattpad.

Book 2: Re-start progress based on new targets.

Art(work): Final plan and promo line-up for May shop update!