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Those who follow me for a while might know that I finally completed my first book manuscript! The Fragments is a Young Adult Fantasy novel and part of a planned series called the Spheres.

About the book

In a shattered world a group of human exiles form a fragile alliance with machine-based life forms and ancient shadow creatures to retrieve an arcane artefact that could, in the wrong hands, threaten the existence of the worlds of the Spheres. 

When Easla Amrath appears out of nowhere in the Fragments, both she and Tayl Bergin get caught between the lines of an age-old conflict. Tayl, a ward of Charles Graphyn and at home in the Fragments, and Easla, a protege of Niuen Adalowe and a citizen of the Protectorate, find their lives changed forever as they traverse the Fragments’ broken landscapes and discover how much of their past is entangled in a conflict that is as old as the worlds of the Spheres. Struggling with the consequences of their own actions and the decisions made for them by others, they need to come to terms with the fact that more than their future is at stake. 

The eBook edition is close to publication and I’d love for you to become a first reader!

More information coming soon!

As always, bear with me.