Schlaf, Plush


About Schlaf

Schlaf is the German word for ‘sleep’, and Schlaf is indeed a real sleepyhead.

She loves to stay in bed all day long, hiding from the world under the pillows. In the night, when everybody else is asleep, she is wide awake and very curious. Now and then she gets up to a little mischief, pulling sleeper’s ears and hiding keys and purses, but her intentions are anything but malicious – it’s more of a scientific experiment to Schlaf. She is usually very considerate and sensible, and just wanders through the house looking at the stars through the window.

Schlaf, the Viech and the Bear are friends… but it is not easy to be friends… at least not all the time. From time to time Schlaf tries to have cultivated conversations with the Viech… not that she has been rewarded with much success …

Schlaf, the Viech and the Bear were featured in Stuffed Magazine Winter 2011!

Materials and Making

These handmade cuties are about 26 cm tall with another 12 cm of ear length. The fabric is a very special, fluffy and cuddly straight pile cotton, the stuffing 100% Polyfill. The little face is wool felt with hand stitched eyes.

They won’t go in the washing machine, but a bath in cold water with shampoo is fine. Never ever bring them near a dryer.

  • Height: 26 cm (10.2 inch)
  • Fabric: cotton and wool felt
  • Filling: 100% Polyfill

Hand-wash in cold water only
Do not tumble
Do not dry

Designed July 2006, in series since November 2007

This artwork is sold, but feel free to contact me for a custom order or commission.