Minu Print Editions

From 2022, I offer Giclee Fine Art prints next to my hand-pulled, traditional prints. This page explains the differences as well as what you can expect when buying a print from minu.

Traditional printmaking

Prints using traditional printmaking techniques are always printed in limited editions. Each print is signed, numbered and dated by the artist, and the plate is destroyed after the edition is completed.

The number of prints in one edition can vary widely. Depending on the technique – linocut, woodcut, drypoint, etching, or collagraphy – my handmade plates usually yield from around six to thirty prints.

I print my hand-pulled prints here in my Wellington studio. I often mix more than one colour directly on the plate, so each print is unique. I use lightfast inks, and 100% cotton papers, but, as with all artwork, hand-pulled prints should be handled with care.

Artist or printer’s proof

Each edition also includes a few unnumbered artist or printer’s proofs. These are rare and might hold more value over time.

If you want to know more about traditional printmaking techniques, have a look at my tutorials.


Hand-pulled prints are still seen as holding more value than prints using digital technology, but this view is challenged by the emergence of contemporary, digital artists that publish their art via museum-quality prints.

Digital Giclee Fine Art prints

Giclee Fine Art prints in limited editions

From 2022 I offer archival Giclee Fine Art prints. The prints are based on original artworks – mostly Illustrations in pencil and watercolour. I scan the originals, and the digital files are printed here in Wellington by Picaflor Fine Art Print on Hahnemühle 100% cotton paper using fine art inks. The limited edition prints are available in A3 and A4 with enough whitespace for easy framing and are signed, numbered and shipped by me.

For now, the editions are planned to be limited from 20 to 60 prints. Depending on paper size, limited Giclee editions are priced at around 50% of the traditional prints in similar sizes.

Giclee fine art prints in limited editions but unsigned editions

Towards the end of 2022, I will also offer affordable fine art prints using a drop-shipping, print-on-demand service. This service is targeted towards international customers and managed by CreativeHub directly via my Etsy store. The prints are printed by a print centre closer to the buyer and packaged and shipped by the supplier directly.

For now, the editions are planned to be limited to 100 to 160 prints, and will ship with a certificate issued by the Creative Hub.

Again depending on paper size, the unsigned Fine Art prints are priced at around 50% compared to the signed, Fine Art prints in similar sizes.

As always, if you have any questions around prints and pricing, please contact me.