Minu at NZ Art Show 2010, Friday 30 July – Sunday 1 August 2010

Exciting news: Minu is selected for a single artist wall at the NZ Art Show 2010, Friday 30 July – Sunday 1 August 2010 in Wellington, New Zealand . I am very excited!
‘The New Zealand Art Show, a place to view and purchase original New Zealand art by new, emerging and established artists from around the country, all for under $5,000.’ (quote www.artshow.co.nz)
Puh! that is only 3 month and a couple of weeks away … I will have to think about what to present quit soonish ^_^…

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  1. Dear Heike…

    I just saw.. “sleeping under the trees”… havent seen it before and the light against the dark forest is absolutely well done!! Superb!

    Weiter so 🙂

    Liebe Gruesse


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