Afternoon Tea No. 14, Snow Rabbit No. 2


The ‘Afternoon Tea’ series is inspired by all the strange and wonderful tea parties in my favourite stories.

The Snow Rabbit wanted to make a second appearance before the end of the Afternoon Tea Series ^_^. *) **)

‘Snow Rabbit No. 2′ is a two colour drypoint print on 300g acid free 100% cotton etching paper.

  • Paper size: approx. 19 cm x 27 cm ( 7.5 inch x 10.6 inch)
  • Actual print area: 12 cm x 20 cm (4.7 inch x 7.8 inch)
  • Limited edition of 15
  • Each print is signed, numbered and dated

Printed in November 2011 and March 2012

Snow Rabbit No.2, Drypoint by minu

Snow Rabbit No.2, Drypoint by minu

Snow Rabbit No. 2, Drypoint by minu


*) Snow Rabbit would like to state that the print should be called ‘Jumper, or no Jumper: that is the question.’ And that she is contemplating the meaning of Life, the Univers and Jumpers…

**) The Artist would like to voice the suspicion that this is just attention seeking behaviour and annoyingly cute. Snow Rabbit actually asked for a skull. Jeez!

This artwork is sold, but feel free to contact me for a custom order or commission.