Minu on TVone’s Neighbourhood

A film crew from TVone’s Neighbourhood came to visit me in August. They followed me around town, and came to my studio. The episode was finally screened in October 13th, and can be watched online on the TVNZ website (Episode 26 Wellington CBD).

Screen shot 2013-11-21 at 3.19.38 PM

They also published another bit of me in my studio on their Facebook page.

Many thanks again to the Film Crew! I have to admit I was ‘a bit uncomfortable’ with the whole idea at the start, and they made this a very easy.


Sketchbook May 29th, 2013

Sketchbook May 29th, 2013

Well, it’s a mouse. With a piece of cheese.
I am not quite sure, but I think he is waiting for the trap to go ‘Click’… which is strange. There is no trap, just cheese…

Quote of the day

The scariest moment is always just before you start.

On Writing, by Stephen King

So true. It is the same moment you get up and see if the contents of your fridge might be of assistance to your creative process– or post quotes on your blog.



In the Printstudio: Last Beavers printed

I caught up on completing some of my Afternoon Tea editions. The last of the beavers are now printed and available in red and two in green ^_^…

Beaver, drypoint by minu

One Wolf too many!

I have one Wolf (No.7 of 25) sitting in my studio. He is wearing a green jumper and he is quite … well he likes to comment on everything and now he wants to go on an adventure… *sigh.

Wolf by minu

He is available for $125.00 (on pick-up or plus shipping costs) and was part of the Wolf and the Fox exhibition and you can see more images and all the info under The Wolf, Limited Edition.


Mail Me Art – minu Submission 2013

… and she is on her way to Darren Di Lieto’s Mail Me Art*) project (to which I feel honoured to have been chosen to participate in again ^_^).

If she arrives save and sound, she will be part of ‘Mail Me Art: Short & Sweet’ at The Framers Gallery, London, from 30th July – 3rd August 2013, where all the mail art will be on display and the new book will be available to buy and browse.

Mail me Art 2013 minu submission

Mail me Art 2013 minu submission

Mail me Art 2013 minu submission

*) Mail Me Art is a project that has brought together an international community of artists and illustrators, amateur and professional alike, through art in the form of mail.

Exhibition: The Wolf and the Fox, Thistle Hall, Wellington, 2013

I often get asked if I have something online about the background and theme of my exhibitions. So I am about to start a new section and this is the first post including the artist statement and a list of artworks on display in the show ^_^…

Forest Dreams No.1 , print by minu

Forest Dreams No.1 , print by minu 

In December 2012 I exhibited together with Rieko at Thistle Hall in Wellington. The theme of the show evolved around the European archetype of the Big Bad Wolf (and the innocent Girl) and the Japanese Red Fox (Kitsune).

“Little Red Riding Hood took off her clothes and got into bed […] and the wicked wolf fell upon her and ate her all up.”
Le Petit Chaperon rouge, Charles Perrault, 1684

The Wolf

Versions of the Big Bad Wolf living in the Dark Forest appear in numerous European folktales, most famously in Little Red Cap aka Little Red Riding Hood. Current interpretation traces the origin of the tale back to Norse mythology: at the end of the world the trickster God Loki is let loose to “hurry in the form of a wolf to swallow the moon”. The moon is seen as feminine, as the “Lady Luna”, ergo: the Wolf eats the Girl and usually this takes place in a Dark Forest.

I have always seen the Wolf and the Dark Forest as a dual entity, where the whole or the parts are endangered species. The girl is a symbol of change. She is either swallowed by the shadows in the forest never to return, or she is “rescued” by – of all people – a wood cutter with an axe…

The Red Fox (Kitsune)

In the Kitsune tales the Girl and the Fox are one. Kitsune, Japanese for fox, is a common character in Japanese folklore, either depicted as a wise guardian or as a trickster. The Fox often possess magical abilities including the ability to assume human form. They often change into a young girl, but they have difficulty hiding their tails. Many tales also include a jewel glowing with kitsune-bi, or fox-fire, holding a part of The Fox’s magical power or even part of its soul; the kitsune will die if separated from it for long. The foxfire could be related to western tales of the will-o’-the-wisp’ mischievously leading lone travelers off the path at night.

You can read our press release, photos of the opening and the show are on Flickr.

My artwork for the show included:

  • The Fox and the Jewel, No.2, Drypoint print in limited edition
  • The Fox and the Jewel, No.1, Drypoint print in limited edition
  • Forest Dreams, No.1, Drypoint print in limited edition
  • Forest Dreams, No.2, Drypoint print in limited edition
  • Forest Dreams, Acrylic on recycled wood
  • The Wolf and the Forest, Drypoint print in limited edition
  • Wolf Dreams, No.2, Drypoint hand-coloured, limited edition
  • Wolf Dreams, No.1, Drypoint hand-coloured, limited edition
  • Directions, Acrylic on recycled wood
  • Fox, Creature in limited edition
  • The Other Fox, Creature in limited edition
  • Red Cap, Creature in limited edition
  • Wolf, Creature in limited edition
  • Winter Tree, Installation

The prints will be available online soon!

Wolf Spirit, plush by minu

Wolf Spirit, plush by minu 

Writing: Philip Pullman Ten Rules for Writing Fiction or Better the Non-delivery

A selection of my favourite quotes by the british author Philip Pullmann.

Phillip pullman’s answer to a Guardian writer survey titled “Ten rules for writing fiction”:

My main rule is to say no to things like this, which tempt me away from my proper work.

His answer to Why Children should read taken from another Guardian article “Philip Pullman: a life in writing”:

For the same reason that I think it’s important that they breathe, eat, drink, sleep, run about, fool around, and have people who love and look after them. It’s part of what makes us fully human. Some people manage to get through life without reading; but I know that if I’d had to do that, an enormous part of my mind, or my soul if you like, would be missing. No one should be without the chance to let their soul grow.

I am temped to quote his whole Talk for the National Novel Writing Month, but this one made me laugh out loud:

I don’t know where they [inspirations] come from, but I know where they come to: they come to my desk, and if I’m not there, they go away again.

So I’ll better stop now and go to my studio; there is some printmaking to do.

Watch: Neil Gaiman Addresses the University of the Arts Class of 2012

Watch now… or save for one of those days when you think all you do creatively is somehow just-not-good-enough  …

Neil Gaiman Addresses the University of the Arts Class of 2012 from The University of the Arts (Phl) on Vimeo.


Transcript is available on the uarts.edu website


The Wolf and the Fox, Photo-set

The Wolf and the Fox

Photos from “The Wolf and the Fox” at Thistle Hall in December 2012. The full photo set(s) are available  on Flickr  or Facebook ^_^…


The Wolf and the Fox


Loki No.1 and No.2 to go out into the world

Loki aka Ratty, plush by minu

Loki #1 is going to live in France and Loki #2 is going to live in New York.

They do look at bit skeptical, but I think they are looking forward to see something of the world ^_^…

Travel save!

Printmaking Friday

Rabbit No.2, Drypoint by minu

Mumble, grumble, mumble … *)

Rabbit No. 4 now drying in studio ^_^…

I finally have a couple of prints from all current editions and can start on something new!

Hmmm, maybe some more copper sulphate etchings?

Will see…


*) the Artist would like to express her annoyance with the treacherous Fates of printmaking, but

a) she does not want to bore you

b) she actually is afraid said Fates might be listening…

… shhh!

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