Acrylics on wood panel, Part 2

Night forest No.1, Session 2

This is the second part. For part one please see Acrylics on wood panel, Part 1.

Using glazing techniques on wood panels, there is no way to overpaint or fix outlines later, so it’s a good idea let the panel rest at least overnight or better a couple of days.

I started the second session by following the outlines with Fluid Acrylics in black and white.


7) Following outlines with Fluid Acrylics (black and white) thinned with Acrylics Flow Release. (Use with care!)


8) Setting lights and shadows in black and white glazing layers. Repeat in layers.


9) Slowly adding more glazing layers in colours. Repeat in layers and sand in between. “Fix” with thin glazing layers using Polymer Medium (Gloss)


10) Once happy with the overall colour and shape it’s time to add the final outlines using Fluid Acrylics in black and white. I add these in layers as well until the final highlights stand out.  


11) Again, let it rest for a week or so.

12) Decide on final glazing or varnish.

Tada! Done.

Acrylics on wood panel, Part 1

Night forest No.1, Session 1

This is the first part. For part two please see Acrylics on wood panel, Part 2.

It’s not really session 1. There was much sketching and revising on paper beforehand. But this is not what this post is about ^_^.* I am not even sure what this post is about (to be honest) … other than this strange thing that happens when you re-start.

There were many things getting in my (creative) way since “The Fox and the Wolf“—the House, the new studio, winter, work… stuff…

And then one late afternoon there is all of a sudden an empty canvas – well, in my case a recycled plywood panel, but that sounds less … not “poetic”, this is not a poem, … less “something” – in front of you, your tools are arranged around you (and yes, that really important glazing medium has dried out, but on this afternoon it’s not the end of the world), and the image hovers just around the edges of your consciousness, and you know it’s that time.

Time to enter the Night Forest and see what the guys are up to…

1) Recycled plywood board, sanded and cleaned, leaving ‘uneven patches’ (layers of old stains).


2) Base layers using Fluid Acrylics thinned with GAC-500 Extends Fluid Acrylics (Golden – there is not much else available in New Zealand… ). Let each layer dry completely, before applying the next one**.


2a) Adding glazing layers using Polymer Medium (gloss)


3) Turn panel from time to time to paint back with Gesso to avoid bending

4) More layers until the starlit night just shines through…


5) Transfer outline onto panel.


6) Knowing when it is time to step back and go to bed…

… to be continued soon …


*) There is never a session 1 in (my) creative process anyways. There are just loose ends floating around, and if I am lucky I can catch one… But this is not what this post is about either.

**) Writing useless blogpost between the layers dry is optional…

More (slow) progress with renovations

More super slow progress in the new studio – my first open shelf unit starts to look … okayish (if I am allowed to say so myself ^_^). I am striving for the perfect balance between creative chaos and easy access to things. I am also not allowed to spend any money unless I ‘absolutely’ have to ; )_, so the only things I bought are the shelf rail system ($150NZ) and the castors for my old trunk ($15NZ).


I have a slight obsession with plastic boxes (and bags)… took me ages to find the right boxes with just the right translucency… luckily I already had these in the old studio, so they just got cleaned-up and resorted.

minu studio renovations

Most of the wooden and cart-board boxes are second hand collected over the last 7 years, others I brought from Europe or bought in stationary shops in Wellington…

minu studio renovations

A couple of friends moved in right away (they are still slightly piqued about the fact that I kept them in storage boxes for the last 6 month… )

minu studio renovations

The shelves are refurbished from bits and pieces in the house, I only gave them to very quick sand …

and one thing at least is done







In the (new) minu Print Studio #3

I started work on a new edition, but for now I still have to catch up with my old editions, which is why I have six new fox girls dreaming of the forrest while drying on my floor ^_^.

Forest Dreams No.1 minu drypoint

P.S. It had been a while again… If I could extend the days to have – let’s say 32 hours I’d manage better ^_^…

In the (new) minu Print Studio #2

My first experiments with mono print (…it was high time to try something new). Once you get a handle on the inks this is fun, and no press needed!

mono print photo walk through

Printing shadow rabbit – mono print, 1 colour

There are quite a few different mono print techniques. The term mono print defines that only one print is taken from the plate; it does not define the way you get the ink on the plate (or the paper). I chose to ‘paint’ onto a perspex sheet and to transfer the print onto the paper using a roller.

1) Choosing the ink

It took me a while to make it work*. You have to work on the plate for some time and the thin layer of ink draws quickly. I tried a couple of different inks and paints, in the end I used screen printing ink (water based) and thinned it with screen printing medium (the medium extends the time you can work on the plate). The screen printing ink can be rolled, painted and wiped away easily.

You can also use open acrylics and an open thinner, in a way that’s the same thing…

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In the (new) minu Print Studio #1

If you didn’t print for a while it is very likely that your first attempt might not work out the way you planned. Especially if you start in a new printing environment. So I successfully procrastinated my first print session in the studio until today. (Plus I only found the spokes for  my printing press yesterday… in a box labelled ‘bits and bobs’… *sigh.)

Anyway! Today was the day and what better than to print some Wolfs.

Printing Wolfs – 3 colour drypoint in one go.

1) Set-up workspace and review notes (precondition: you actually took notes during the proofs or first part of the edition ^_^…)


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Bear No.1 (Edition 2) on his way


Does he look a bit scared?


Travel safe!


And then they were gone…

… and didn’t even wake up to say good bye ^_^.

Somethings are harder to let go than others. But after I replaced the dustcover on the back, installed a new hook, polished the frame and touched up the varnish I ran out of excuses to further delay sending them on their travel around the world.

I hope that they will sleep through their journey and arrive safe and sound.


Take care you two sleepyheads!

Bear No.2 preview – He is back!

After I picked up the new workbenches on Wednesday I thought: No more excuses. There are tables, lights and stools, that is enough to get started. I unpacked the fabric, patterns and finally found the cable for the sewing machine in box number 12 1/2 (*sigh).

And why not do something you promised since over 12 month: The new bear!


He is based on the same pattern, but the change from a medium dense 9 mm pile to a light 6 mm pile is more significant than I thought it would be. And I really like it. He is much skinnier, and his contours are much more defined.


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My new studio-to-be (aka why it is a bit quiet on my blog)

I finally found a house for my studio (and a garden for me).*) There is lots to do and it will take a while to take shape, but here is a first progress report in pictures…


Layers of old wall paper going back to the 1930ties, some hand cut and hand stencilled


Getting rid of the (horrible) structured hardboard, stripping everything back to the original hardboard sarking.


Getting the insulation inside the wall


New plaster boards

More images on Flickr

More soonish…



start footnote rant**…

*) After 12 month of driving around Wellington to visit open homes, endless hours online, wasting an incredible amount of money and time in tenders procedures (including the accessional shouting at real estate agents) and other unpleasantness in the idiosyncratic New Zealand house buying process…

… *sigh

… end footnote rant

footnote of footnote

**) I am incredible happy with my little house, so I only rant in footnotes…

… ^_^


Seasons Greetings

Minu wishes you all a Merry Xmas, a Happy New Year, and a great Summer Season*)!

The online shops will be closed from 21 December 2013 and will re-open on 6 January 2014!


*) … for us on the south side of the hemisphere!


Minu @ Toi Poneke Residents Show 2013

Some picture of my wall at the Toi Poneke Residents Show 2013 ^_^…

Minu @ Toi Poneke Residents Show 2013 Minu @ Toi Poneke Residents Show 2013 Minu @ Toi Poneke Residents Show 2013 Minu @ Toi Poneke Residents Show 2013 Minu @ Toi Poneke Residents Show 2013 Minu @ Toi Poneke Residents Show 2013

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