And then they were gone…

… and didn’t even wake up to say good bye ^_^.

Somethings are harder to let go than others. But after I replaced the dustcover on the back, installed a new hook, polished the frame and touched up the varnish I ran out of excuses to further delay sending them on their travel around the world.

I hope that they will sleep through their journey and arrive safe and sound.


Take care you two sleepyheads!

2 Responses to “And then they were gone…”

  1. Today the two dreamers arrived safetly. When the sleep of Winter is gone, at long last it’s Spring. But they look so sweet and peaceful – I will not waken them. They seem to be comfortable to the new surrounding. The two sleepyheads are my pride and joy.

    Thank you so much!

  2. minu says:

    Many thanks for letting me know! ^_^ I am glad they found such a good home!

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